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go bulldogs!

Centreville High School


go bulldogs!

Centreville High School

go bulldogs!

Centreville High School

Centreville High School Boosters GO BULLDOGS!

Boosters Home.

Who are we?

A group of parents and community members interested in helping in the success of Centreville athletics.


What do we do?

We raise funds through the concession stand by providing workers at sporting events.  Short sentence but an important one! :)


What’s our goal?

Our goal is still to raise enough money to build a concessions and bathroom facility on the hill for the baseball and softball fields...Still a work in progress! :)  Along the way, we also help out with athletic purchases when teams are in need.   We will need your help in continuing to volunteer so that we can have concession stands open as often as possible to keep moving forward with these projects! :)


How can I help?

You can help by signing up to work events!  By doing so, you also earn passes for you and your family to attend Centreville sporting events for FREE! (Tournaments and MHSAA events are excluded). Please know as boosters our sole purpose is to support the student athletes of Centreville.  Yes you get a free pass for volunteering but please don't feel that once your commitment is complete you have to stop volunteering.  We like to keep our requirements for passes as low as possible but the only way to have the concession stand open is volunteers.  Please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested in volunteering!


Here's how it works!

Below is a breakdown of how points are done. If you go to the volunteer link either in this or through the school website under athletics and volunteering it will also take you to the link.  If you find some dates that you would like to volunteer, get a hold of me  and I will enter your name on the schedule.  The link is as up to date as possible so try to check often as it is always changing.  If an event is canceled, we will make every attempt to get a hold of you.  That game will be removed from your tally and we ask that you chose a different date.....


Individual         5 points

Family of 3      14 points

Family of 4      19 points

Family of 5      23 points

Family of 6      27 points

Family of 7+    31 points


JH Football

Tickets = 1pt

Concessions = 2 pt


JV Football

Tickets = 1pt

Concessions = 2 pt.


V Football

Tickets = 2pts.

Concessions = 3pts


JH Tickets or Concessions = 1 pt

JV/V Tickets = 1pt

JV/V Concessions = 1pt or 2pts.( Depending on opponent)


Saturday XC Invitationals, Track Invitationals, VB Tournaments, Basketball Tournaments, Baseball/Softball Tournaments

These will be done by time so points will vary.



JH Tickets or Concessions 1pt

Mon-Th JV/V Tickets = 1pt

Mon-Th JV/V Concessions = 2 pt


Friday Tickets = 2 pts (Can split time G/B 1pt)

Friday Concessions = 3pts. (Can split time G/B 1.5 pts.)



JH Concessions = 2 pts

V Concessions = 3 pts.



If you are interested in taking advantage of the volunteer passes you can email me with ALL of the following information:


1. Your Name.

2. Your Phone number.

3. Best way to contact you: Email, Text, Call.

4. Which pass option you are interested in.

5. First and Last names of people you need passes for. (Children who are not in school yet do not need a pass:))


The BEST part is we use an honor get your passes in the fall with the intention of meeting your commitment by spring! :) 



Please check out the Volunteer Link  . All event point values are in the open spots. There will be an event tally like usual so you will be able to keep track of your points.


A few things to keep in mind:


*Be sure to check how many open spots there are for an event and let me know the number of spots you would like to fill. Spots are limited depending on event.


*Younger students are NOT to handle money unless supervised by an adult.

Adults in the concession stand are responsible for money tally.


* Ticket tables at Friday night Varsity Basketball games will be outside the gym.


* If you are unable to work an event that you have signed up for please, please try to find your own replacement.  In an emergency you can contact me and I will try to help with this. Your replacement can be a friend, relative, coworker, fellow booster,etc..but must be an adult. 


* Students can gain volunteer hours for NHS or Government class but they need to be verified through the volunteer link. I will enter them as soon as I receive them. These hours will not count towards a family/individual pass.


* If you do not complete your points required for you pass selection you will be asked to pay for your passes at an individual rate of $40 per pass. You will NOT be eligible for the boosters passes again until you have either paid for all of your passes or fulfilled your agreement.


 I am including the link to the volunteer schedule Volunteer Link  Take a look and message me any dates you are free! Please remember slots are filled in the order that your email, phone call, text etc is received.  I try to respond to everyone as quickly as possible as to whether or not the dates they requested are available however, usually around this time I am getting tons of emails requesting dates so please be patient with me and if you don't hear from me after a few days please check in with me. :)

I try to respond to everyone but it may take a day or two :)



If you know of anyone who might be interested in this deal or who are new to Centreville schools please feel free to forward this email to them or send me their email. If you have any questions feel free to call/text me at (269)535-4816 or email  Let's make it a GREAT year!! Go Dogs!